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Which dcc.

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I know this has probably been asked before. I'm just starting out I've decided dcc is the way for me.
I'm starting hopefully my first layout next year,I've been looking around im thinking of either hornby dcc or hornby hornby elite dcc.
My trains ive been collected are anything from triang to Bachmann. I can i think retrofit my own decoders,is this correct, all i want to do is move trains around and fit smoke to a few, and motors for points.
Will this work.
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I agree with Nigel about Hornby / Bachmann, as you will undoubtedly end up with buying one of the better systems. It makes more sense, financially and ease of use, to go straight to the better ones.

To add to Nigel's control panel comments, with a similar observation, in that there are some good plug-and-play panels available for setting up control panels and the DCC Encoders panels, which are well worth a look. Again simpler than starting with a home constructed panel, with loads of separate wired circuits and then considering upgrading later.

A good look around, before diving into something will be well worth the time and will also reveal some useful ideas / equipment you were not aware of previously.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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