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I too like the TCS decoders, DP2X-UK for the direct plug in, M1 and M1P for those with a little more room. I can't say I have tried the MC2 but if they are as good as the M1 (or better) then they are certainly worth considering. Price-wise, the TCS decoders generally represent very good value for money.

For Heljan diesels I have standardised on ESU decoders (LokPilot and LokSound) and these work very well with the Heljan mechs, which consume a little more power than Hornby or Bachmann types. Finally, for those locos I only occasionally use, such as the NRM Deltic, Falcon and 57 601, I use the cheapie Bachmann decoder (which is really a stripped down ESU anyway), which has fewer fine-tuning capabilities bu still works very well in the diesel outline models with can motors and heavy flywheels. ESU prices have recently gone up so I'm not sure how they'll stack up in the value stakes.

Lenz are good but expensive.

I do have a few Digitrax decoders but I don't find the fine motor control all that good. However, they have issued a new, updated range recently with BEMF which may well work better. For hard wiring Bachmann SR N class 2-6-0 locos the DZ123 (now DZ125) is one of the few that will fit in place of the circuit board within the firebox (the circuit board gets discarded during the hard wiring work).
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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