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Its worth pointing out that many decoder fitting guides are only up to date at the time they were originally written and subsequent decoders have come on the market which would change the advice if it was to be rewritten e.g. the arrival of the near blanking plug sized direct plug in types (the ZTC4007 and TCS DP2x-UK). I have standardised on the latter for tight situations (ie the Hornby Q1 and M7 - the latter despite the advice on Hornbys web site can be dcc'ed without needing any of the body weights with such a decoder. Find it useful to stick to a limited variety of decoders so I tend to use TCS M1 /M1P (the former is a wired connection, the latter has a plug fitted) and Lenz Standards (or Silvers if found cheap).
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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