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You have to be careful with some of the new Hornby locos as the leads on the cap are are quite short and snipping the lead could lead to an inadvertant cutting of the motor lead. Best to remove the shrink wrap, unsolder the cap from the wiring and do this one leg of the cap at a time so you don't mix the wires up, cut a new piece of shrink wrap and slip over one wire, solder the wires back together and slip the shrink wrap over the join. Repeat for the other leg.

Charles Emerson

QUOTE (dwhite4dcc @ 12 Jan 2009, 01:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Mark,

The strict answer to your post is no, it is not absolutely necessary.

Richard is also right. Quite a few locos seem to run on chips better without any of the manufacturers electrics at all.

I have left them in on some and taken them out on others and I really believe that the quality of the chip dictates more than the removal of any capacitors.

I had to leave the capacitor in on a Hornby Q1 as when I snipped it, post install, the loco died. Had to solder it back in!!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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