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Which Decoder

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I am about to commence building my layout which will be completely DCC and have decided to buy some Hornby OO locos whilst they are available.

There seem to be a lot of decoders available. . I have not yet decided on an operating system but from those currently available it will be between EcoS, Lenz and Gaugemaster. I expect to use some sound ands lights but not on all locos.Am I best buying ready fitted decoders from Hornby or purchasing the decoders separately when I'm ready to run, which hopefully will be in about 6 months?

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I have used quite a few different types of decoder over the last few years. One of the new types available are the Bachmann decoders. Basically these are Bachmann branded ESU decoders that are well presented, well documented, cheap, reliable and have great running characteristics on Hornby and Bachmann locos.

Half the price of similar Lenz decoders. I can't find fault with them. I'll be getting more.

The 8-pin version:
Bachmann EZ Command 2 function decoder (36-552) that has a 8-pin NEM 652 (NMRA Medium) plug. This decoder sells for £8.99.

And the 21-pin version:
Bachmann EZ Command 21-Pin 3 Function decoder (36-554) with Back EMF. This decoder sells for £9.75.

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