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Hi Brian,
The decoder fitted in the Hornby Digital Mixed Goods Set locos (Jinty & Class 08) is a 4 pin affair with an in line plug/socket.

As for my experience with hornby decoders :
I had the Mixed Goods Set with the Hornby Select controller & five other locos that I had fitted with the Hornby R8215 decoder.
No problems at all whilst using the Select, but after switching to a Dynamis, I was plagued with decoders defaulting back to address 3. It happened almost on every power up or short circuit.
After contacting Hornby, they replaced all the decoders, including the two in the Class 08 & Jinty. They even sent me several additional ones, which I guess is the least they could do!! Annoying that I had to swap them all out and they really should have got it right at the start.
With the new decoders (which have a red dot on the chip) all is well and I can't fault them.
I bought a Bachmann Class 108 this weekend & fitted two of the replacement Hornby decoders to it. Excellent slow speed running and the directional lighting worked 1st time without any messing of CV values.

Such a shame they got it wrong in the 1st place.
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