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Which Decoder

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I am about to commence building my layout which will be completely DCC and have decided to buy some Hornby OO locos whilst they are available.

There seem to be a lot of decoders available. . I have not yet decided on an operating system but from those currently available it will be between EcoS, Lenz and Gaugemaster. I expect to use some sound ands lights but not on all locos.Am I best buying ready fitted decoders from Hornby or purchasing the decoders separately when I'm ready to run, which hopefully will be in about 6 months?

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QUOTE (Brian @ 9 Apr 2008, 11:27) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi
From bitter personal experience I would avoid the Hornby R8215 decoder. Use any of these - Bachmann 3 function with Bemf, any from the Lenz range are good as too is the TCS range. Never tried a Gaugemaster decoder but I guess its a MRC variant?
Unless you opt for a Hornby Elite console, which will happily work with their own decoders keep away from Hornby's current decoder offering. Shortly they are to release a new decoder, hopefully this will resolve many of the issues?
If you were to buy a Hornby DCC On Board loco and use a non Hornby console system, be warned as they too have the poor performing decoder factory fitted and you may well end up with problems - Avoid if you can and buy a DCC ready loco and fit a quality decoder yourself.

Hello Brian.
Are the Hornby DCC fitted loco's hard wired or is it easy to swap the Hornby decoder for something else ?
QUOTE (Brian @ 9 Apr 2008, 16:46) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi Tony
The only one I've seen used a special four pin plug/socket rather than the standard 8 pin NMRA plug/socket

I've never seen the plug commercially so you either have to carefully unsolder the Hornby decoders wires from the plug or hard wire the new decoder to the wires that go to their socket. This was on a steam outline model. I don't know what their DCC On Board diesels use? Any one know?

Hi Brian.
I bought a couple of their steam outline models but haven't got to use them yet as I am still building my layout. I will be using NCE power pro so I was wondering what kind of rubbish Hornby had put in them.I haven't heard anything good about the Hornby decoders so I was thinking of when I get to run them I would replace them with something which worked.
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