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Which gauge is the best to model?

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Having a mixture of N,HO and HOm I'd vote for HOm. Why?

In the prototype trains tend to be

- short length (3-5 coaches),

- curves can be vary tight (radius as low as 45m on RhB), this translates to 51cm in 1:87.

- inclines steep (7% - 1:20)

which therefore look more realistic on the model. The scale is 1:87 so you can still see a lot of detail compared to N where things are tiny. There is also a good selection of high quality models from Bemo with many beautiful custom liveries.

Whats the opinion?
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This is definitely one of those "how long is a piece of string" threads (oooh! terrible pun!) - when one sees what can be squeezed into a small space (ie; Gauge 1 on a 4' x 2' baseboard) it really comes down to what you want to get out of the layout - operating complexity or grand panoramic scenery, incredibly detailed rolling stock or a general impression.

Even outdoor hardies like me have difficult choices to make (see my blog).....

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