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Which is best decoder for tortoise points?

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I want to use tortoise motors on a DCC O gauge layout I'm building. My question is which decoder I would be best to use with them. 9 points in total working with Gaugemaster Prodigy controller. The Lens LS 150 needs AC power, so I think that's ruled out. Other options seem to be SMD82 or DAC 10 or digitrax DS 44, a very basic one.

Anyone any experience with the combinations of any of the above?

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Hi Tutorlane
There are decoders that will plug in to the Tortoise Point Motor
Some have feedback to the DCC system (more expensive though)
DCC Specialties do some- Here is a guide Click Here
These are quite common in the US and suppliers do combo packs of Tortoise and DCC decoders

the Lenz 150 only needs a simple addition to run the Tortoise type motors (2 diodes like 1N4001 ,cost 6c ea)
and run a separate AC power supply , to the AC input of the LS150
You can also still operate the points with momentary contact push button switches.

Hope this helps
Regards Zmil
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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