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Which is best decoder for tortoise points?

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I want to use tortoise motors on a DCC O gauge layout I'm building. My question is which decoder I would be best to use with them. 9 points in total working with Gaugemaster Prodigy controller. The Lens LS 150 needs AC power, so I think that's ruled out. Other options seem to be SMD82 or DAC 10 or digitrax DS 44, a very basic one.

Anyone any experience with the combinations of any of the above?

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I use Tortoise and Tillig slow motion point motors with Lenz LS150's. These are powered from the ac output of an old analogue controller with half wave rectification for the Tortoise motors. Cheap analogue controllers aren't too hard to come by so it should be easy to pick one of these up tyo power your points through the point decoders.

It's better to have a separate power supply for the point motors so it doesn't suck power from the track when a route is activated.
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