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there is really no reason to put 3 flywheels on a 120:1 gearbox for exactly the reason he found.
Either have a small motor spinning fast with a single flywheel, or if you have space then go for a much larger motor without flywheel. (or a small flywheel if you really want to) the armature of the motor actually acts as a flywheel. many of the larger motors on RTR stock dont really need the flywheels but could you emagine the reaction if bachmann made a mech without a flywheel?!

My problem has never been the slow runnig but fitting it all in the space available. even my beyer garrett is very restricted. only my most recent loco (the W1 hush hush) has space to really go to town on the mechanism.

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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