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I have half a dozen or so 80's diesels which I will soon be converting to DCC to run on a layout in my loft.

I would basically like to ensure that when I select "Forward" on my controller the locos are going what would be considered forward. As several have been fitted with Zero 1 chips & then removed the wiring could have got swapped around & the locos running the wrong way.

I'm also not sure if the body has been put back on the right way around on several locos, so if the loco is going forward according to the body, is the chassis going forward?

Basically what I am asking here is should single axle drive diesels be "front" or "rear" wheel drive?

Sorry for such basic questions but I'm not a railway expert (but am learning from this forum & would like to learn more)

1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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