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Which metal for pickups

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Can anyone tell me what metal I should use to make pickups that trail on the axles is this thin copper or has anyone any better suggestions this is the first time I have attempted to make anything like this and would appreciate any suggestions thanks cliff
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All the pickups I've seen are usually copper.
Thanks for that I thought they were but thought I would check as I have read somewhere else on the internet that some other metals were better but as usual with me I read it and went to another page and couldn't find it again. Thanks again Cliff
The metal you want is a copper alloy, phosphor bronze, as it work hardens nicely to provide a good permanent spring action, and is almost as conductive as copper. Sold as sheet specifically for this purpose on model railway, any retailer specialising in model railway should be able to help.

An alternative is 0.5mm dia. nickel-silver wire, sold for making handrails. Work harden it by stretching for positive spring action before cutting to length and shaping.
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Or you could use guitar string that has a spring action built in.
Thanks for all your help phosphor bronze was the one I had read about and could not remember the name of. Sorry for asking what to most of you may seem a silly question but you say stretch it do you just do this by hand as never having seen any of this material is it easy to work with Cliff
Phosphor bronze won't need stretching to harden, just the nickel silver.
Thanks for the help I will get some and try best thing about a forum like this is all the different ideas people have that I wouldn't think of Cliff
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