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QUOTE What I would really like to see is a magazine that covers the world from each country's point of view which I assume would be an impossible endeavor

It is not impossible. It is simply that there would be little interest. Railway modelling is an extremely partisan hobby if not THE most partisan hobby. Model Rail Forum is the only UK based forum that devotes any space to modelling outside the UK. And even within this forum the overseas content is not widely read. Continental Modeller has a good circulation overseas. It would have difficulty surviving on its UK sales alone.

Hornby had about 15 of their overseas models on show at the London Toy Fair and Bachmann fared little better. The converse was true at the German Toy Fair. Hornby and Bachmann very clearly understand what interests the visitors at those respective toy fairs. Marklin did not even bother to attend the London Toy Fair. They probably knew that nearly all visitors would walk straight past and head for those stands with UK outline. When you are paying an absolute fortune for space then you make best use of it. Thats the way the commercial world ticks.

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