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Which Monthly?

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What's your favourite monthly model rail mag ?
Model Rail8048.19%
Railway Modeller4426.51%
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I subscribe to three. British Railway Modelling - because they offered me a subscription for about £15. MRM because that is what I am interested in for indoors & garden Rail for my Garden Railway. I also read Model Rail & Railway Modeller.

If I were to choose one for OO/N it would be Railway Modeller mainly because it has the most adverts & other content. Generally I do not find that any of the OO/N magazines interest me for very long. Like most US magazines I find they look good but don't have much in depth content. I agree that MRM is struggling to find its way and again it is not that much of a read. Big spacing means not many words to the page.

Garden Rail is good but very short. I wish it were twice the size! Sometimes it is better than others. I have it on subscription because nowhere that I go sells it & the petrol cost to go to the only place I know that does sell it is more than the subscription price of the magazine!

Overall I don't really think that there is a best magazine. It depends on the articles that are in any one particular issue. The rise of the internet has made it increasingly unnecessary for me to buy any magazine & I suspect that is where I will end up.

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I agree with ChrisE about "Garden Rail" - a really excellent magazine and for anyone with an outdoor line it is essential reading.

First post.

I take Model Rail by SUB but buy Rail Express each month. Both excellent mags.

I still hanker for the old MRC,of the current crop,each has its merits and all have their foibles.
Rating? Well here goes (probably will offend some so apologies in advance)
1 Model Rail,usually good,some of the sub-editing is a bit weird such as step by steps which suddenly stop.the master class on the GWR Railcars was a joke.
2 Railway Modeller,Bit Cyril Freezer at times but mostly good,love the ads.
3 BRM mostly good,but how many kits do I need to read about being built by Tony Wright
4 MRM started well but has clearly lost its way.Pity really as we needed this one for balance in the D&E world
5 Rail Express Modeller, Over opinionated.self satisfied they just need to get out more.Again a pity,as it too started well.Maybe I don't imbibe sufficient quantities
of Cask conditioned bitter to appreciate it. let loose the dogs......... no need to cry Havoc though.
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I'd class British railway modelling as being too Cyril Freezer given the amount of space he manages to waffle his way through in the letters column every other month. Really puts me off buying his books, as experienced as he undoubtedly is from the correspondence he sends in he striked me as being of the i've been doing it so long i must be right, how dare you argue with me type of people.

Another thing that pees me off about BRM is their inability to finish a review or demonstration be it how to build a loco kit or a look at someones' layout within a single issue, more often you will find the first 2 parts of a 3 part review on consecutive issues then the final part several months later when the interest has dwindled and the first 2 parts have been forgotten, if there is insufficient space to run a piece in one issue then take some of the damn adverts out. Out of the 3 uk outline magazines that hit the shops each month this is the one i would miss the least.
Incidentally has anyone managed to get hold of a copy of the first BRM annual, it apparently came out in late January exclusively at WH smiths but so far i haven't seen a copy anywhere, but then again WH smiths are very unreliable with what they keep in these days as it varies from store to store and indeed month to month.
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No-one seems to have mentioned the Continental Modeller which is Ok. I get that and the Railway Modeller every month and occasionally Model Rail. I like the Continental Modeller as it cover German HO which I also model, but with such a wide coverage, e.g the rest of the world, you don't always get articles about your particular area of interest.
The problem I have with Continental Modeler which is no fault of the magazine is that it's more about the British Modeler modeling Continental Railroads. What I would really like to see is a magazine that covers the world from each country's point of view which I assume would be an impossible endeavor. Seeing American/German prototype runing on a British type layout makes no sense to me.
QUOTE (spongebob @ 18 Feb 2006, 18:59)Incidentally has anyone managed to get hold of a copy of the first BRM annual, it apparently came out in late January exclusively at WH smiths but so far i haven't seen a copy anywhere, but then again WH smiths are very unreliable with what they keep in these days as it varies from store to store and indeed month to month.


Smiths had 3 copies in Great Yarmouth 15th Feb. Being Smiths they were not in the model railways bit but in the annuals section!

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I think that we have managed to prove the obvious. All the model railway mags must sell or they would not be given shelf space so a significant group of readers presumably think each title worth buying. The fact that they are all flawed in some way justifies the available choice. We all pick the ones that hopefully interest us most.

Perhaps the most interesting question that remains unanswered is how loyal we all are & why?

If we have a subscription is it because we are convinced which mag we like or because of a special offer that grabbed us ( this is me & BRM)?

If we don't have a subscription do we simply pick up the same mag each month or consider them all & buy the ones we like best? If so does this always end up as the same mag?

If you buy a title that isn't your "normal" title what made you buy it?

To answer my own question I often find that any magazine has little to interest me as I model fairly modern image & in the garden. I flick through the mags & consider those that have articles on my topics. It is often a very few.

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I've been a reader of Model Railroader for more than 30 years. Beside them I'll pick up a German (Eisenbahn Journal) or British (Model Rail) magazine when one is available usually due to my travels.
QUOTE What I would really like to see is a magazine that covers the world from each country's point of view which I assume would be an impossible endeavor

It is not impossible. It is simply that there would be little interest. Railway modelling is an extremely partisan hobby if not THE most partisan hobby. Model Rail Forum is the only UK based forum that devotes any space to modelling outside the UK. And even within this forum the overseas content is not widely read. Continental Modeller has a good circulation overseas. It would have difficulty surviving on its UK sales alone.

Hornby had about 15 of their overseas models on show at the London Toy Fair and Bachmann fared little better. The converse was true at the German Toy Fair. Hornby and Bachmann very clearly understand what interests the visitors at those respective toy fairs. Marklin did not even bother to attend the London Toy Fair. They probably knew that nearly all visitors would walk straight past and head for those stands with UK outline. When you are paying an absolute fortune for space then you make best use of it. Thats the way the commercial world ticks.

Happy modelling
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I am building a US freight layout in the loft and consequently like to read the Model Railroader from the US. I don't particularly want to subscribe regularly but so far the only place I can get it is my local WH Smiths and then not every month, I suppose I should ask them what date they receive it.

Thamks for the tip off ChrisE i'll have a look next time i go in. There must be some problem as the BRM stand were sold out of the annual on Sunday at Harrogate. Probably everyone looking in the wrong place, typically in my local WH smiths the books are upatairs and magazines downstairs.

"If you buy a title that isn't your "normal" title what made you buy it?"
I sometimes buy the steam magazines if there is something relevant to my local area in.
I subscribed to model rail partly because of their offer and partly because i buy it every month anyway so thought i might as well. The other one i am considering subscribing to isn't a model mag but traction magazine and the reason for this is because it isn't stocked im my local WHsmiths so i have to go out of my way to buy it. Incidentally I first bought it when they got a batch in by mistake.

For all you continental modellers there is a free supplement in next months model rail on overseas modelling.
Eu acho que agente quem fala sobre as revistas continentais nunca viva ayah.Os pessoas quem vivam em estados unidos leiam Model Railroader e muitas mais,se voce nao intende porque estam facendo modelismo de um ferrocaril estrangeiro !

It was not with the book type Annuals but with the magazine type annuals eg "card makers annual" etc. These were generally in the magazine section but not with the magazines of the same topic.

Actually I now find magazines all over the place in Smiths. I have a feeling it all depends on which highly motivated individual put them out. Why some model railway magazines are in modelling & others with full size railway mags is totally beyond me otherwise. Modelling of all types is now generally with "handicraft" type mags & at the other end of the shop from the real activities that are modelled. No wonder magazine sales are falling at Smiths.

Chrisgus, er yes I think that I agree!!?!

I'd sooner they be as far away from the library section (car and bike mags especially auto trader on thursday) as possible as I find an aisle full of very smartly dressed business types too tight to buy the magazine every time i pop in either at dinner time or after work. Its no great loss if I don't find a copy but I find it daft that a product "exclusive"to a shop should be unavailable in it.
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