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Which track?

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Hello all
New to the forum, I'm planning a 12' by 9' L-shaped 'tail chaser' layout for the garage. I'd like it to be based around about the mid to late 70's, so which track is best?, not just from a prototypical point of view, but ease of use, availability etc. I've heard lots of favourable things about SMP and C&L, but pictures are hard to come by, and is it really that much better than Peco stuff? Any info would be appreciated
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I am using a mix of Peco code 75 points and SMP track with Tillig rail joiners.It is only on a small branch terminal plank but it will be interesting to at least have a small running layout again after a number of years .I may well start a blog with my various alternative track plans and why I finally (I think ) arrived at the present version . My own theory is that if you enjoy running model trains then probably stick to Peco or Tillig or whatever .If you want scale appearance and have the time and capability to produce "scale" track then go for it .My next plank will certainly feature SMP or C+L 00 track as it looks better but it would have been tricky using it with small radius points that my Terrier and M7 will and can run over in a modest space .my next layout will be on a longer board .I dislike having a join in the middle of pointwork or halfway through a station .The number of layouts I see with an earthquake crevasse through the platforms and track is disappointing after all that effort to make it look realistic .
If track is well ballasted and carefully painted then even code 100 can look pretty good.I always find once you get up and running then its just fun and hang how realistic it all is .If you want to impress other model railway fans and take a lot of photographs then that scale look becomes more important.
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