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Which track?

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Hello all
New to the forum, I'm planning a 12' by 9' L-shaped 'tail chaser' layout for the garage. I'd like it to be based around about the mid to late 70's, so which track is best?, not just from a prototypical point of view, but ease of use, availability etc. I've heard lots of favourable things about SMP and C&L, but pictures are hard to come by, and is it really that much better than Peco stuff? Any info would be appreciated
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I acknowledge the wisdom of the previous contributors but.......

Not knowing of the collective wisdom, when I planned and built my little layout, I used all Peco 100 with short radius points in the hidden areas coming off radius one curves, 'S' bends, steep inclines - in fact everything that shouldn't be done. Using mainly Bachmann diesels I have had no trouble at all. Class 20's 25's and of course a 108 dmu are all wonderfully reliable runners. I was worried with the latest aquired loco's, a co-co class 37 and a co-co 47. The rule book says they should not work on radius one curves. I'm pleased to report they seem as reliable as the bo-bo's, no de-railments at all !

One thing I do agree about is the visual aspects. Even a little class 20 overhangs quite a lot on the visible medium radius points and the 47 looks, to quote, ridiculous. But heck - if you don't have the space all you can do is choose how you compromise.
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