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Which track?

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Hello all
New to the forum, I'm planning a 12' by 9' L-shaped 'tail chaser' layout for the garage. I'd like it to be based around about the mid to late 70's, so which track is best?, not just from a prototypical point of view, but ease of use, availability etc. I've heard lots of favourable things about SMP and C&L, but pictures are hard to come by, and is it really that much better than Peco stuff? Any info would be appreciated
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hey chris o ...

everyone here has mentioned british tracks apart from tillig - if your going to weather yr tracks, consider having a look at fleischmann's track system. i know its not a british track - but u did mention looks were not the most important thing - the fleischmann system has something that i really like - the points can be bought as electro-frog, and the best thing about them is you dont need any wiring or switches or isolating track cuts/isolating fishplates. the frog polarity switching is all done automatically for you and so you just lay it like any other piece of track. the track has a ready made track bed that u can colour / weather as u like an it looks ok once uv done that.
they also make a very useful space saving 3 way point - im gonna be using these in my layout!. the pieces click together and give a reliable electrical contact - but these tracks are not so popular in the uk, but over on mainland europe, you see a lot of it being used. - a look at the online catalogue costs nothing!

good luck with your choice!
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