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Which track?

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Hello all
New to the forum, I'm planning a 12' by 9' L-shaped 'tail chaser' layout for the garage. I'd like it to be based around about the mid to late 70's, so which track is best?, not just from a prototypical point of view, but ease of use, availability etc. I've heard lots of favourable things about SMP and C&L, but pictures are hard to come by, and is it really that much better than Peco stuff? Any info would be appreciated
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QUOTE "Just a couple more questions on the C&L track. If you went that way and wanted points but couldn't be bothered making them yourself could you knock up what you wanted on Templot and get someone else to make them for you? Are there places that make points designed on Templot and who are they?"

I would like to know the answer to that one too. I have read this thread with great interest, as one who has started a layout and recently just abandoned it half way through, because Peco track is just not the look I want. C & L appears to give the look that even if there are no trains running you can appreciate standing at the lineside. However to quote the inimitable Clint Eastwood. " A man has to know his limitations". I think I know mine and do not feel I have the skill or time to buld my own pointwork. So who out there can do the job? Also and this might seem a ridiculous question to those in the know. How do you join C&L track together, by using Peco track joiners! I know C&L do cosmetic fishplates but I have not seen any guide as to how to lay this trackwork. Even if you read Rice's excellent little opus I don't think he goes through the mechanics of laying and joining it up.
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Dear Richard, Peter, Martin, Brossard and all.. This is a most interesting topic and I must say I have learnt quite a lot and it does give you the impetus to jump in and have a go at finescale trackwork. I was a bit concerned about not using rail joiners. Getting track lengths to line up accurately, without moving. Mmmh must be possible. Droppers definately. Certainly, as Richard says soldering is like gluing but I have a feeling there is a little more to it than that. I can never get my attempts to look neat. 'Its an art, and an art well worth the learning." I'd like to know if anyone in Oz is building bespoke trackwork or is the UK the place to source professionally made pointwork. All in all I think its well worth the effort and I am now more convinced than ever that discarding Peco track is a step in the right direction. The four track mainline with complex pointwork all over the place will have to go out the door and a simpler easier project planned. Still as someone in this forum said prototype trackwork went for miles without pointwork.. Gamelin Bank in a recent BRM was a bit of an inspiration. So it may be prorotypical.
Thanks everbody, especially Chris O who started this thread. I feel quite enthusiastic about the whole idea.
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QUOTE (Richard Johnson @ 30 Jun 2009, 20:50) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>*** Hi Silurian

C&L makes a slight compromise on width and sleeper length with the OO track to keep proportions right, so there is a difference between OO and EM/P4.

Read through my soldering pages, get hold of my 179 solder and flux and even with a naff Iron, providing its able to deliver heat reasonably, I'd be betting you can make a good solder joint.

You can practice on Peco offcuts :)

If necessary, I can talk you through it on the phone.

Have a go - you will be pleasantly surprised


Thankyou Richard.

I most certainly will. All the best. What do they say.. 'the longest journey'. Regards
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