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Which track?

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Hello all
New to the forum, I'm planning a 12' by 9' L-shaped 'tail chaser' layout for the garage. I'd like it to be based around about the mid to late 70's, so which track is best?, not just from a prototypical point of view, but ease of use, availability etc. I've heard lots of favourable things about SMP and C&L, but pictures are hard to come by, and is it really that much better than Peco stuff? Any info would be appreciated
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I have, in fact I have the number 6 and 8 straight turnout jigs and the number 8 curved turn out jigs. While these jigs assit in making an excellent turnout they are completely wrong for anything other than North American prototype. I've tried all sorts of track over the years, Peco, Walthers, Shinohara, SMP, C&L, Atlas Tillig and totally hand laid. The best I have ever managed was hand laid on spine roadbed with easements. This is the best way to go but it is terribly time consuming, took me a year to lay one freight yard. Now I'm using Peco code 83 with the Fast Tracks turnouts as this will give me the best result that is a compromise for all the different locos I run, British, US, Australian and even German.

Charles Emerson

QUOTE (ebaykal @ 10 Mar 2009, 06:42) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>This thread has become a very good source on the subject of tracks.

I came across these while surfing and to be honest they look far more better than what I have seen so far in relation to tracks/points.

Check it out, specially the slide show:

Richard have you heard of them?

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