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Which trackbed is best for N?

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I am about to embark on a German era II layout in N gauge, using Peco code 55 finescale track. It's my first ever N. Which trackbed would people recommend?

If cork, what thickness should I go for and what would be a good shop to get this from?

Does anyone have any experience with the Heki flexible cork rolls that you seem to encounter on some German layouts?

Or with the Woodland Scenics N trackbed on a roll?

Choices, choices... :)

Many thanks,

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My recommendation would be none - if your baseboad is firm and flat and you will be ballasting the track. Apparently if ballasting underlay provides no sound reduction properties and just adds unnecessary height, weight and cost to the project as well as being something that can wrinkle, ride up and flex under the track causing performance issues and preventing the track laying absolutely flat and being firmly fixed to the baseboard.

I model in OO so shouldn't perhaps join in here. However, if you decide to use cork, then Wickes sell 1/8th inch thick cork tiles. A packet of nine, each a foot square, costs about £7.50. Cut into strips that would make a lot of underlay for N gauge.
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