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Which wagon kit(s)

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I want to start building up my freight wagon fleet and fancy the idea of making them (with assistance from two nimble fingered grandsons) from the various kits that are around on the market rather than using RTR. The question is what recommendations do the members on here have with regards to manufacturers of such kits?
I want wagons from the 50's and 60's, mainly SR but I'm happy with the odd rogue, and whilst I don't intend to throw money at the project I would prefer quality over quantity. I would be happier working in plastic rather than white metal but would consider brass.
In addition, for kits which are supplied without wheels, what would be the best running gear around?
Lastly, I see from the sites of various kit suppliers that they market small weights, presumably to add to the wagons to give them more stability. Are these essential?

All opinions, tips etc would be very welcome
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Thanks very much for all your tips and suggestions. They have be very useful and I shall order my bits with more confidence that a few days ago. No doubt I shall be back on here with more questions when I start work!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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