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QUOTE (BRITHO @ 31 Aug 2007, 15:21) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I too use Tamiya acrylics, they seem to produce a lovely range of dull dirty colurs - just right for railway modelling. The problem down here is that hardly anyone sells it and my local stockist is about to close down.


I prefer an airbrush when weathering, usually starting with a light coat of "dark earth" to tone everything down and following up with a light coat of "black". On wagon/coach underframes I also like to use powders (umber, black and a bit of rust) to highlight the detail. I generally paint wheels a mix of "railroad tie brown, black and rust". I let the paint wear off the tyres while running.

I have tried dry brushing and washes but it doesn't work for me.

Don't buy the hobby powders, go to an art shop and get paint pigment.

For track, being basically lazy, after the laying is complete, I simply paint the whole thing with spray red oxide primer. The sleepers I paint "railroad tie brown" with a brush. I go back after the ballast is down and airbrush to blend the whole the whole thing together.

I use acrylics since these are easier to clean out of the airbrush.
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