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Whiff of smoke ?

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Last night i ran my minitrix N 9F fitted with a Lenz decoder i after reversing it a slight whiff of smoke came out of it ....... and fearing the worst i put it on the prog track, which read back fine and so i put it back on and it runs like a dream do you think i was just lucky or could other problems occur at a later date, could anything else explain the smoke ?
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Hi Upnick
I have had an occasional bit of smoke from loco's
-usually second hand ones
-when oil got into the motor and was ignited by the brushes
I think it would be worth inspecting the wiring though- just in case.
Regards Zmil
Hi Zmil,

I thought it may have been a little oil or bit of fluff/dust possibly ignited by the brushes, i will have the wiring checked out when my other 9F goes in for decoder fitting soon with digitrains.
Many thanks.
I too have experienced this - usually with a loco that has not been used & stored for a while.
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