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"A comment I'd like to make, noted from an article I re-read recently about building a loco.....and in NO way meant as a critiscm of the 4F...far from it...but may be of use to others reading this thread....I noted the author's emphasis on achieving straight and parallel lines........things like, handrails, pipe runs, footplates, etc.

I suddenly realized what spoilt so many of my efforts in the past...things like, handrails with a small kink, or an un-noticed but gentle curve?
pipe runs which weren't parallel with things they were supposed to be parallel with....even handrail knobs which weren't properly positioned on either side of the boiler......."

Just a quick point on the above. Consider the industry you work in....... you see things in straight lines. I am the same love parallel lines evenly spaced components and in the past have found when looking at drawing or putting them together if theirs an odd curve that should be there I still consider it wrong.

I cant even put in a wiring loam without making sure every cable is parallel and running in straight lines.

I think it is a product of the environment we work in and a little flaw here and there gives it character but we do need those parallel lines. Its just not right without them!

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