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hi i'm new to this forum but i'd like to ask a favour of lancashire fusilier. in the first image of your last post (the image of your workshop) on the shelf in the background is a picture of a 4F (on A4 paper) i was wondering if you could point me in the direction of finding a large copy of this image on the internet (link) or send me the image as i myself am in the process of building a model of the Fowler 4F. although my father and i build in a much larger scale, 3.5" gauge live steam locomotives. the loco is complete but lacks detail, such as lamp irons and tender footsteps. clear images of which are hard to find. at present i have a very few images of the 4F as i prefer LNER locomotives. (note the 4F was part built so i began finishing the project) because of this most of the books in the house contain just LNER locos meaning the clearest image of a 4F i have is... well.... poor to say the least. getting back to my point if you know of anybooks websites etc. where i can find good images to model it on that would be great.

on a side note i have also dabbled in smaller modelling before. i have almost completed a scratch built 0 gauge J72 tank engine and numerous 00 gauge wagon kits.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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