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Whitmore Vale Photographs

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This is the first board of my little 009 fictional line Whitmore Vale - It is set on the English Welsh border and is a village station - The entire board is either scratchbuilt or heavily altered - except the fencing and the tunnel mouth, track and points. The station building is based on Slinfold Station but i lowered the ceilings slightly and made it out of welsh stone instead. It is all built from plastic sheet .
The engine shed roof isnt yet finished - but i have had a lot of other projects on and havent had the time to do it!!!
I am sorta happy with it i guess - i could have done a little more on the scenics i think and probably will on the next one. I also am not happy with my ballasting i think it looks far too dark !!

Sorry about the darkness of some of the pictures !! next time it is a sunny day i will take some more !!

The Railcar is a scratchbuilt one based loosely on the county Donegal railcars!!

Some people wait for the train.

Little Shunter waits on shed !

Station frontage - dont know why i built it really with so much detail as no one will ever really see it !!

Rabbits at play ( from the Langley Sieries )

The road bridge over the railway

Looking towards the bridge - the signals are a ratio kit heavily altered to fit in with my ideas.

The station Building - I still have to add the awnings but I havent got round to it yet....

The crows sitting in a field - there are many little animal and birds added to the board - Including a badger coming out of his set and a hedgehog hidden in the garden of the station building!!!

A man walking his dog shows some interest at the Yard Railway Gate!!

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Very nice work, I think of my own layout and wish the detail was as good. I know what you mean about making things more complex, we are planning to move so the layout at the moment is only temporary, really just a way of testing ideas out and keeping the wheels moving. Every house we go to though I'm thinking now where will the layout fit and how big / complex can I make it! Oh well maybe one day it will be built and look as good as yours.
By the way, why does a madkitten have a picture of a badger?

Happy modelling
ah well you know what they say about fools rushing in.....

Yes I think it could be Ruperts friend, can't for the life of me think of his name though.

Madkitten, I noticed on another post that you are a cat owner, how do you stop the cat walking on your lovely layout and knocking your wonderful detailed cameos?
I wonder if that's why there's a chap walking his dog?
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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