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Whitmore Vale Photographs

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This is the first board of my little 009 fictional line Whitmore Vale - It is set on the English Welsh border and is a village station - The entire board is either scratchbuilt or heavily altered - except the fencing and the tunnel mouth, track and points. The station building is based on Slinfold Station but i lowered the ceilings slightly and made it out of welsh stone instead. It is all built from plastic sheet .
The engine shed roof isnt yet finished - but i have had a lot of other projects on and havent had the time to do it!!!
I am sorta happy with it i guess - i could have done a little more on the scenics i think and probably will on the next one. I also am not happy with my ballasting i think it looks far too dark !!

Sorry about the darkness of some of the pictures !! next time it is a sunny day i will take some more !!

The Railcar is a scratchbuilt one based loosely on the county Donegal railcars!!

Some people wait for the train.

Little Shunter waits on shed !

Station frontage - dont know why i built it really with so much detail as no one will ever really see it !!

Rabbits at play ( from the Langley Sieries )

The road bridge over the railway

Looking towards the bridge - the signals are a ratio kit heavily altered to fit in with my ideas.

The station Building - I still have to add the awnings but I havent got round to it yet....

The crows sitting in a field - there are many little animal and birds added to the board - Including a badger coming out of his set and a hedgehog hidden in the garden of the station building!!!

A man walking his dog shows some interest at the Yard Railway Gate!!

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well done kitten a very impressive layout, and I think the ballast looks just fine.
In fact if you are ever thinking of getting a divorce can I be the first to put in a bid since my layout would definately benefit from someone with such a good eye for detail. Also I could use your cat, I still have a mouse living somewhere on my layout.
At last I got to see said pics - excellent work - I personally thought the ballast looked fine. There's certainly plenty of inspiration there. Oh and it may mean that the Magic train may make an appearance.

As a Newbie to the hobby and Having alot to learn im so envious, Im Just curious though Nikki what the size of this setup in length and width (Feet) Absolutely Amazing Well Done

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Ken S - Its 4 foot long and 1 foot wide................................................. all my boards tend to be small except what im working on at the moment - thats 20 foot long and 4 foot wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hi im swifty the guy helping millsie build his layout thnx the link your lovely looking layout. just quick question the railcar on layout is scarth built or a kit? also cheers about the info on the cuckoo chassie i'll have a look for it in the 7mmNGA for im member..
Hi Swifty.

I'm madkittens other half, and as she is otherwise occupied at the moment, I am authorised to tell you that the railcar is scratch built, but is based upon a County Donegal Railcar. It took her two days she tells me.

She has plans to build and possibly produce a 7mm version. All enquiries by post
Hi Nikki,

Excellent work on the layout i look forward to seeing more of the realistic atmosphere you give it
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Nice work Mad kitten/albastross/badger.

you should join the yahoo group, narrowgaugemodelling, too

How does one stop cats on the railway?

convert to DCC and leave it on!

I dont think the ballast is the wrong colour ! If its Wales it is A) either raining in which case the ballast colour is OK or
it has just finished raining in which case the ballast colour is still OK. Now if it was Billericay which I believe is the driest spot in UK it would quite likely be a lighter colour for half of the time.
Rupert's friend's, err Algy the Pug and...
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