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Who does repairs to N guage locos

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Hi everyone,
I live in Bristol and we have created a good N guage layout for my grandson using vintage locos and rolling stock (from when our kids were young in the 1970s).
However, some of the locos are in need of TLC - in particular we have a Graham Farish BR Class 101, 2 car set DMU which will hardy run. It's in the original box.
This work is beyond my skills (and eyesight). Rectangle Font Electronic device Electric blue Office equipment

Can anyone please suggest when we can get a reliable service and repair - preferably near Bristol.
I guess I could post the box if necessary, but that will increase costs.....
I'd be grateful for any advice.
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This service is offered by 'LP Rails':

You will see from the introduction on LP Rails site, that the servicing of Farish product was at one time operated by 'BR Lines', which business remains active in spares supply: there is a link to this business on the LP Rails site which further explains the history since Farish was purchased by Bachmann.
That's great info - many thanks.
I will make contact with him.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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