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Whose the cheapest with Brawa?

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Hey Fellas,

I was wondering if someone might have done a price check on hobby shops/distributors of Brawa products?

I'm looking to buy 5 railcar trainsets and therefore am on the lookout for any shop or distributor that sells products cheaper than the competiton or would be inclined to give discounts on such a large order.

Ta for any advice you might have.
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It kind of depends what you want. YOu have to keep your eyes open like a hawk on various sites to get the absolute best price. For instance, all kinds of Fleischmann is on special at the main sites at the moment, with DB, DR and DRG items at giveaway prices. You just have to keep a check. Now this is a first pathetic attempt at uploading a few pathetic pictures - never done it before (either taken pictures or uploaded) - I promised I'd do it a couple of weeks ago but couldn't figure it out. Just a Roco 93, but this was only 100Euro from Kramm. I have a limited budget, so I wait til what I want gets put on special!.

Wheel Train Land vehicle Vehicle Rolling stock

sort of distance view

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Gas Auto part Cameras & optics

bit of close up detail on the footplate.

You just have to keep checking and get the bargain for the epoch and detail you want. Last week I got a Lilliput 75 1002, Ep III, very nice model only 126Euro from ETS, and arrived in 9 days - I was really surprised it got reduced this much in ony 3rd year of release, but it's really beautiful (it came with the Trix telegraph wagons 24041 - absolutely delightful model, will post a pic if you like Neil - you need one! and only 54Euro or so on special).


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I'm off work with the flu today, so thought I'd do a few expereiments to see if I could comply with your request - so here are a couple more pathetic efforts from digital camera. I set a level board up on top of one of the pianos, against a blue wall, and blasted away. I put 75 1002 in the picture for a bit of reference, and added my Gueterzugbegleitwagen for authenticity - these trains would have been away for a while and a Messwagen/Geratewagen would be there too so this thing of mine fits pretty well.
Train Sky Building Rolling stock Wood

This overview gives you a feel for the model proportions, you can see the poles are on the front wagon, the wire on the back - these accessories out of real wood by Heico incidentally, and they look pretty nice.

Wood Rim Automotive exterior Gas Motor vehicle

This shows the wagon number detail for the pole-wagon, the numbering and other writing is, naturally, different on the other wagon.

Train Wheel Rolling stock Railway Mode of transport

This view is the other direction, showing the Fernmeldebau writing on the coils.

I think you need one Neil... it was 56Euro from ETS, while the 75 1002 was only 126Euro in the same order. In these pictures technically the 75 is not correct because it has the DB emblem and is about 5 years out by date, like many Liliput locos it is around the 1960 era. I should have used the 86 or 93, which are dated in the same period as the wagons (1955 to 1957) for their next repairs, but I wanted to show the 75 off!! The 75 is a real gem, I am very surprised by it, lights on all the time, smooth runner, beautiful detail and capturing the proportions and character of the loco very well.



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Hi Neil,

It's just nice to have the occasional 'interesting train' make an appearance, this one could be paired with almost any type of engine with a number 50 or above, I even have some pictures with 38 class on maintenance trains too. For me it will look best with a 75 (either Wurttemberg or Baden origin) but maybe when that new Fleischman G3/4H comes out it would also look pretty good, these were used a lot at the end of 50's on ballast/tracklaying/electrification/etc trains across Bavaria. I'm pretty pleased with the quality of detail in the writing, but also, for model bogie flat cars, they have a fair bit of weight, I reckon the floors are made from metal, so they are not going to skip off crossovers and points when being pushed. Nice one, Trix.
If you go to the MIBA website then follow the Fachhaendler tab on the left hand side, you will find a list of all the shops in all the regions, and the ones with websites/on-line shops. So you can compare prices of the bigger dealers. Reams have been written on whether they are good or not, I use any of three shops and have no problems, some people have had problems. It's your choice which you use. Actually if you are in Belgium you are not far from Huhnerbein in Aachen.
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