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In this forum there seems to be an increasing number of threads that are based on the merits/defaults of one manufacturer or system against another with those who should know better jumping to the defence of their particular favourite.

Surely, the wiser modeller uses all manufacturers products as and when circumstances dictate their use, thus Fleischmann sits alongside Roco, Piko and Trix and it is only the obsessive compulsive that believes that one is generically better than t'other?

My own layout is populated by whatever fits the bill, not what is released by whatever manufacturer, however that is not to say that I do not use a better product when it becomes compromised (the BR50 is a good example). I also set myself a standard which is almost twenty-odd years old, and no loco is allowed to be less than that standard. This does not mean that I reduce the detail on my latest models but I do fit handrails and footsteps to my older stock- a rewarding exercise in both personal and financial terms.

Why not look upon the choices as being inclusive rather than partisan, we are indeed lucky to have choices!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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