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I'm in the process of laying a very large layout in N gauge
Getting true straights in OO gauge was quite easy, but N gauge is a different story

The two straights on the previous layout were about 12 feet long
A quick check along the length of the track, a small adjustment, a final recheck, and alignment was complete

I've just done the same in N gauge, but there are small kinks and deviations everywhere!
What makes it worse is that the fiddle yard has 14 parallel tracks, and although they are equally spaced a quick view along the length of the track and horror words come to bear!

Ironically when a train runs along each of them it runs almost true and straight, but when vacant it does look pretty awful
The trick might be to keep the fiddle yard full!

However, on the scenic side there will be 4 parallel tracks (ie traditional main running line)
Clearly these need to be almost perfect
So, the plan is to get the fiddle yard looking right first, and if that method works use that on the scenic area
I plan to take a tracksetta and run it up and down the entire length of each line, then recheck alignment
Over time this should iron out the kinks and deviations

I have performed this on the far away track on the fiddle yard it is almost perfect (making the other 13 tracks look awful!)
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