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I note there are forums for all scales from H0 upwards but none for 3mm, N nor Z. Apart from the George Smith interview I see no reason yet to join; unless I missed something.

Cheers MIKE

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Gary, I think Mike might have a valid point here, because I have just realised that when you open up this site, and BEFORE you log in, the 'N' forum is missing. With Mike not being a registered user, then he won't see the forum.

Once you log-in, the 'N' forum appears under HO/OO where it should be. Might be a bit of a bug in the program somewhere. Just thought I'd let you know.


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Doug is the site administrator and if you spot any bugs then he is the man to contact.

I must admit that I always remain logged in and only see what members see. My answer to Mike clearly reflected what I could see and not what Mike could see.

That is one of the reasons for creating this area which allows visitors to post messages.

It allows Doug to hear from visitors who might feel that Model Rail Forum is not for them.

If visitors have ideas that would make Model Rail Forum "for them" then please throw those ideas at us here!

Happy modelling
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