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Wickham Trolley

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This is the next model i am working on. After seeing other Wickham trolley models on the Market for 4 mm i was annoyed to see that they all had the side curtains down and the windows blacked in. So i am creating a kit for a Wickham Type 27A Mk3 at the moment that:- a: is open and has proper see through windows and b: runs as well on its own without the need for a trailer etc. Anyhow this is the prototype without the chassis so far. I also have a motor now that will fit inside the engine casing and cannot be seen from outside the Vehicle - Yes its an extremely small motor - but it will run on OO gauge track at 12V!!

Here is a teaser Picture anyhow.......................................

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Interesting!,-and impressive

Are you going to use one of those micro-motors that Nigel Lawton uses in his 009 kits
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Excellent work -well done.

QUOTE (Madkitten @ 15 Dec 2007, 06:47) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>and cannot be seen from outside the Vehicle - Yes its an extremely small motor -

Are you planning to make the chassis available or at least show us how you did it? I have an N Brass Locomotives kit (also for the Type 27) which I was going to push with a Bachmann Gandy Dancer but I haven't managed to get it to run freely enough as yet. If I can motorise it that would be a much better idea.

I have seen a web page where someone did it but it all looked much too micro for me.
It will be available as a full kit later this year for about 50 pound all included ( provisional price at present ) it will be a brass chassis with a plastic injection moulded top and a noverl idea for adding weight that i dont think anyone will suspect !!
I look forward to seeing one "in the flesh"

Back in 1979/80 I delivered to Wickham's and had the chance to look around their workshop, how I now wish I had took my camera with me. Nice model.
Will you be making the chassis available separately? There might be a few people out there like me who already have the N Brass Locos top but haven't been able to put a chassis underneath it.

I'm intrigued by how you're planning to weight it.....
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