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Hi all.

A friend of mine did my track layout plan using WINTRACK however he cannot print out the track in a scale of 1:1 does anybody know how to do this? I need a print for some of the track and this would be very helpfull, thanks in advance. Even if he could se3nd me the file and i can get it printed out would also be good, however it seems you cannot do this with this program.


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Hi Anthony

Just looking at the Wintrack program You cant print from the Demo version
Although you could take a "screen shot" by using the "PrtScr" button and opening a drawing or photo editing
program Paste the image in a new file - then print
It would take a lot of screen shots to make a 1:1 plan though

Regards Zmil
Hi Anthony

On the WinTrack website the is a English language support email address

You could send a question to them

I would download it myself to have a look but I have nearly used my Monthly Download allowance and I don't want to be reduced to Dial up speed for the next week

Regards Zmil
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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