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QUOTE (ebaykal @ 5 Nov 2008, 17:02) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Doug, I use the multistrand Brawa wires for the motors and specially decoders.

0,08-0,14 mm2 for motors and item 32400 for decoders


Would agree with Baykal Doug, the brawa wire is more flexible having copper strands, i use decoder wire left over from installations if room is tight

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Doug, Richard has a great wire that I use which he will be along shortly to explain more about I am sure. I like it because it is a little rigid and therefore you can bend it to where you want it to lay which is great when I installed a smoke unit to a decoder in my 2P.

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Hi All

I must admit I prefer the TCS decoder wire (you can buy little 10' packs of it), it is a little stiffer and will stay in place if bent to the shape you want . Very easy to strip without breaking wires and easy to solder. I find it much easier than the more flexible wires as they often have non conducting strands as well , to strengthen the cable , but make it harder to solder

The original wire off the older loco's tends to be quite stiff and still survives

Regards Zmil

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QUOTE (Doug @ 5 Nov 2008, 23:28) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>What is the thickness (gauge) of the wire used to connect motors and lights in the average model?

Where can you get it?

*** If you need something that might be lying around the house then the wire from an old wired mouse will do the trick. Usually fine and very flexible.

For installs in tight spaces you actually don't want a flexible wire. This is partucularly so in N scale. Its better if the wire is fine and stiff enough so that it stays put. I use a lot of an also sell packs of kynar wire which is silver plated with very thin but tough insulation - I find this best as it likes superglue (So it can be "twinned" easily or tacked to the chassis with it) and it can be bent to run where you want it.

For areas where flexible wire is wanted such as between loco and tender or where body removal is wanted and lights are body mounted, then I use a fine robotics wire. Its very flexible (about 36 gauge) but has tough insulation.

I have used the Brawa wire but its insulation is much too soft for my liking - if you catch a wire anywhere it will fracture the unsulation and problems happen, or wear through fast so I do not like it at all.


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