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Be very careful with wireless radio controls that are supplied from outside the UK. The frequencies that are allowed in the US are not the same as those allowed in the UK. This is, I suspect, why Digitrax do not sell their radio equipped versions in the UK but instead rely on a system like your TV remote which is part of the basic handset supplied with the more expensive systems. This should be quite adequate for most UK sized models although the handset might need pointing at the receiver. Digitrax owners please comment!

The penalties for bring caught - & they do look for you - using illegal frequencies are severe.

The radio wireless systems such as the Lenz that are sold in the UK must use UK legal frequencies. Stick with UK supplied components if you are using radio links.

In another part of my life I have suffered from illegal use of radio frequencies causing real accidents so I take this very seriously.

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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