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wireless remote

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Here's a URL I picked up on another forum:Wireless Remote
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Dear All,

Zimo were planning a version of their s/w (called Personal Railroad Assistant) to run on a standard Windows CE based PDA. Details are in this Zimo Newsletter

I haven't heard much about this recently, but I assume it is still under development. This would be a cheap option, if you already had the PDA and had written it off as a business expense.

John Russell
Vienna, Austria
At the 2005 Nurnberg Toy Fair there was a stand using radio control with a Lenz LH100 handset attatched to a radio device that was fitted underneath the handset.
I had a "play" with it & it worked exactly like the wired one - unforunatly, My German is almost non-existant & no-one on the stand spoke English.
So, radio control (as well as IR) has been with us some time.
Somewhere, I have the leaflets & will try to find them.

best regards
I really like the idea of radio control for a handset (Cab etc)

However, be cautious of imported radio control equipment as it may not meet with UK radio transmission requirements.

Best check first before getting a fine for illegal transmissions!
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