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The introduction of the Bachmann Dynamis controller is causing confusion amongst the model railway fraternity, as Bachmann insist on calling it a 'wireless' system.
This is stated in their main advert on their website. Only when you go into further details does it mention 'infra red' (IR)

In a normal dictionary wireless is described as a 'radio receiving set' i.e. operated by radio waves.

If you asked any person in the street what 'wireless' meant, I am sure that they would reply that it was a radio.

Would you call a T.V. remote control a 'wireless' unit? Of course not, you would say it was an Infra Red unit.

Other DCC controllers that were previously available are in the proper terms 'wireless radio control' using radio waves that can go through walls, and do not need to be pointed at the receiver.

When Bachmann first announced a 'wireless' controller, most people were of the opinion that it was actually radio controlled. It was only later that they discovered it was IR.

To add to the confusion, I have checked four of the biggest web retailers, Hattons, Rails of Sheffield, On tracks, and Gaugemaster. None of these sites mention 'Infra Red' in their write ups of the Dynamis controller. They all say 'wireless'.

At the moment, Hornby website is advertising their new hand unit as an IR unit. Lets hope it does not mention 'wireless' on the box.

Other companies such as MRC are producing 'wireless units' operated by radio waves.


What do you think?

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