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QUOTE (scotterdavid @ 19 Jan 2009, 17:15) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi All,

I'm quite new to railway modelling, and I'm just about to wire my first layout. In order to apply power to the track and to my turnouts I recently purchased some 7/0.2mm wire from Rapid Electronics. I'm working in N scale, and so I suspect that anything meatier than this would be over the top (over rated). This is, by the way, a small layout at 3' by 6'. Is this a reasonable assumption or as a newby should I be working with large gauge wires? I find the 7/0.2mm wire hard to strip cleanly, however I have been advised that an adjustable stripper would do the job better.

I would be interested to hear your advice, please.

Best Regards -- David Baker.

Hi David,
Welcome to the forum

An automatic wire stripper is the tool you need as here with one squeeze the wire is left clean and ready to solder

They can be found cheaper many times at car boots.
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