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Hi James

This has absolutely nothing to do with your question - please ignore it if you so wish.

Reading your post, particularly the piece about the yard being accessible from both loops, the one thing that hit me immediately was you cannot get directly into the yard from the inner loop without 'setting back' or reversing into it. (I'm assuming here that as the layout is 'Coleshill' it is a Brit based operation where you drive on the left).

Have you considered having an arrival road? This could be easily accommodated with a small extension from what I think is your fiddle yard and is crying out for a little bit more track. (the blue piece in the diagram)

Having done that, you could then possibly go on to easily create a full inner loop (the green piece in the diagram)

Being conscious of spending money (who isn't nowadays) the extra trackage wouldn't be too expensive but the added operational interest would be tremendous. I suppose having put in an inner loop you might start thinking about four controllers so it may work out expensive in the end.

As I say, nothing to do with your question so please ignore me.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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