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wiring help required please.

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Hi there I know I have been at this stage before and I needed some help there I was wondering if someone could give me some more please with the wiring of the layout now it has been modified from what it was.

I have uploaded albeit a very crude drawing of what the layout will look like. if someone could help me by showing where the power feeds and isolating joiners should go on the layout to give it a belt and braces look I would be greatfull.
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There was a previous post where someone helped me with the last layout wiring plan but I cannot find it and I was wondering if the same person could help again.

The track I am using is Kato track in N gauge and I am not using a bus power system and the programming track is the maintrack at the moment as I am using a dynamis and the pro unit ain't out yet so that I can have the programming track seperate.

Thanks for the tip basil I hadn't read that thread.
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