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Hi Far Lands,

On the motor there are 3 holes, the middle one is the common, if you have the Hornby wiring you should have red/green/black, the black wire is common. When wired up if the point is giving the wrong direction just swap the red/green connections. Your problem maybe the electric supply and there are several methods to do it. I use the electric pencil type, it depends on the supply from your controller. Hornby will work ok of ac or dc, if you have an ac supply use that. Peco do a kit for the electric pencil, but I made my own with studs and an old pen. Hornby still look the same from years ago, I think it is the black switches for point control, they do other colours as well and you need the correct type or the motors will burn out.

Regards Bizerba
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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