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QUOTE I know this seems like a daft question but is there a side of the track that is always minus and the other plus!!

well..yes and no.

'yes' in that one must ensure both sides are insulated from each other, otherwise one builds a very large toaster.

but 'no' in that, given the above it really doesn't matter.

If you cannot get 'on' with the direction the controller moves the loco when set 'forwards' the loco doesn't go in the direction you are happy with, given the 'set' of the controller....simply reverse its output wires.

regarding the manufacturers, and a convention for the wiring of a loco chassis, what none of them want is for you to try and double-head with differing makers end up with a tug-of-war!
It's bad enough simply choosing locos with a matched performance......or maybe an A4 Mallard WILL be happy double headed with a Jinty..?
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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