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Couple of questions regarding wiring.

Does anyone have any tips on how to solder drop wires on to the bus in a tidy manner? Having up to three lines, I've stripped one wire longer than the others, soldered the others wires to the longer strip and then soldered that to the bus wire. Attempting to solder all 3 wires to the same spot just doesn't work with only two hands!

Also, I've got 3 buses (DCC, points, train detectors) should all 3 by wound round each other? I've wired up a passing loop and wound the wires together leading from one motor to the other. I put the wires in a vice and the other side in the drill and wind them together slowly. Is it absolutely necessary to wind the wires together? I understand it has something to do with electrical fields and DCC but I don't know eactly what the issues are.

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