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Hello 37
Nice to meet you the other day, it was good to put a face to the name.

My review of the woking show.

Transport- dead easy with train from waterloo every few minutes. getting tickets was a problem though as the machines were out of order at waterloo. - 8 / 10

Building- the leasure centre was fairly easy to find but finding the right entrance of the leasure centre was a little trickey. a couple of signposts would have made life much easier. once in finding the way around was easy and both halls were soon explored. - 8 / 10

Layouts- there were some very good layouts there in all scales and sized. i sometimes think that the woking show gets overshadowed in my mind by the scaleforum but this time the layouts were particularly fine at woking. i look forward to scaleforum! it was very nice not to be able to walk along saying "theres the ratio signal box oah and look theres the hornby station canopy..." there was also plenty of action to be found and most operators seemed to be enjoying there showmanship.- 9 / 10

Shirts- due to the long summer and the slightly inadequate ventilation of the smaller hall i can only give this a - 3 / 10

Backpacks- the main hall had nice open spaces and this made for a back pack free day but the smaller hall was alot more cramped and i was backpacked no fewer than 3 times. - 6 / 10

Trade support- this is always a difficult one. like the chatham show it sometimes feels like it cant decide weather to be a small show or a big one. this is most evedent in the trade support. none of the really big names were there but there was a few good box shifters and some kit manufacturers. i think this show was a very large small show.- 7 / 10

Overall - a very enjoyable show with lots of action on the layouts and a few good buys on the trade stands.- 8 / 10

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