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Woodland scenic track bed?

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Hi guys I came accross this on the woodland scenic website, I was wondering if anyone had any experience using it? Is it any good? It seems pretty good value for money; 24ft roll for £6.75. They sell their own glue which seems a bit expensive, can this stuff be stuck down with pva? I wasn't going to use track bed but I really want some acoustic dampening and this seems perfect to use a traditional ballast method on.
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Hi oitoitoi,

I use Woodland scenic track bed on my layout does quiten the locos and wont rot like the peco type over time, it can be glued down with PVA though i lay it dry under the track and then ballast applying watered down PVA to hold the ballast/track and track bed in place .....on curves aldi dry and then spot glued with superglue to keep its curve.

The woodland scenics range is excellent and good value for money ....the last lot of trackbed i had to buy from the states off ebay as no one had any in the country in N scale, which gauge do you need it for as 3 X 24ft rolls were £13.67 plus postage.

I dont use their glues as you say they are expensive PVA is just as good.
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I haven't used the Woodland Scenics track bed myself though I have heard several good reports of its sound deadening qualities.

However, rather than use PVA glue, which dries hard (and hence transmits sound easier) might I suggest using something like Copidex which is a latex based adhesive. It forms a thin flexible layer of rubber which would, I believe, cut down on some sound transmission.
Hey, thanks for the responses, I needed it for OO guage, I was going to get one 24ft roll and either a pack of 6 sheets for points or a second 24ft roll. Do you know where I could get it cheaper?

This is where i purchased mine from on ebay but i'm not sure if it works out cheaper .... the N scale was in 3 X 24ft rolls i bough though you need to contact him for the same in OO

They are quick to dleiver and its very well packed message him there to inquire for quantity.
How does the Woodland scenic stuff cope with bends, is there sufficient sideways flex without it buckling? Thanks.
Try these I have just used them for underlay and their service is good even if communication is minimal. Its the best price around at the moment.
QUOTE (Chris101 @ 12 Mar 2009, 15:20) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>How does the Woodland scenic stuff cope with bends, is there sufficient sideways flex without it buckling? Thanks.

Hi Chris 101,

Welcome to the forum

Woodland scenic trackbed copes fine with curves, i always use copydex to glue it down to the board now with good results everytime.
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