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Working point rodding wih levers

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Hi Everyone,

Has anyone got any experience on using working point rodding on 4mm/ft scale layouts ?

I am building a P4 layout, but the last thing I want to use is point motors... I have also been thinking about using memory wire as an actuator... again, anyone had any experience ?

Kind Regards,

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Hi Doug,

Thankyou for the link. I have read a bit about the stuff, and had a play with the demo on the C+L finescale stand too, but was just wondering if anyone had any experience using it 'in situ'...

Dear JB,
I've not heard of anyone using scale point rodding on an 'OO' scale layout - I doubt very much if it could stand the strains. I have seen it on an 'O' scale layout some years ago, but even then it was a bit larger than scale size.

Possible alternatives include wire in tubing: see for example for the 'Mercontrol' system.

John Webb
Hi, there is a layout in holland that has used memory wire for the point control, its called Avontuur in Minaturr and is quite large, there is a web site so a serch on the name should bring it up. I have seen one OO gauge layout that had point rodding that worked, cann't remember the name but the owner had used .5mm wire running through small bits of rail with holes drilled in the web and spaced out at about 40mm apart, it looked quite good. I have used 1mm NS wire in angle drilled on one side to fix to the baseboard and either 1,2,3 or 4 holes for the rodding runs, the longest run is about 20ft and has only one angle crank at each end. I have a 20 lever frame and a 6 lever for the fiddle yard. Although not 'scale' it looks OK and works well. Micro switches under the layout worked from the crank adjacent to the point controls polarity.

Hope the above is clear, have ago with some lenghts of wire and some angle cranks, easy to make from flat brass bar.


mike g
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Hi Mike,

Thankyou for all that, and makes perfect sense. I have found the 'Hollandian' railway site, and there is a lot of info on there about the memory wire thankyou...

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