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Most working timetables had separate pages for Sunday workings because the services was significantly different to the rest of the week.

From several working timetables in my possesion the standard BR abbreviations were:
M= Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Weds, Th=Thurs, F=Friday and S= Sats.

O= Only, X= eXcepted and U= "stop to pick Up only"

So 'SU' in this instance means that the train only stopped to pick up passengers, not allow anyone off. I'm never certain exactly why this particular action was taken; perhaps to ensure long-distance passengers were more certain of getting seats, perhaps?

In public timetables Sunday was usually indicated by 'Su', by the way.

You could always pop across to Pat Hammond's 'Model Railway Express Magazine' site ( where Brian Macdermott is a daily contributor, and send in an e-mail asking if Brian can confirm the information in his book.

John Webb
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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