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worlds longest model train

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There were some incredibly long trains on the Oceanside US West Coast N gauge layout. It too made me wonder just how much attention is required to ensure that all the stock runs freely so that a rogue sticky axle doesn't have the whole train over as the strain around the bend becomes too much.

Lots.... big trains need even resistance on the rolling stock.... and preferably not too much of it. The ideal is reasonable weight but low rolling resistance. The Perth AU team currently working on the world record again have spent the week removing every axle from over 1,000 bogie hoppers.

The record attempts start before the show opens and go on every day - so if I can find time to get to the layout from my stand with luck by next week I'll be able to post a few photo's of the world record train on list...

loco+appx 200 bogie hoppers +loco+appx 200 +loco+ appx 200 +loco+ appx 200 +loco+ the rest of them.....

Not overly exciting (for them) as they've done it before but in tests a week ago with the layout not yet at its final size (they still had to add some more modules / length to it for the record length train) they comfortably pulled a train of nearly 700 with 4 loco's for 50 scale kilometers.

The nice thing is this is a real working layout that the record is again being done on, not a purpose made easy to run on "record setting test track". Mind you given its name "Arid Australia" they didn't have to make too many buildings & trees for an accurate reproduction of reality :)

Given the layouts a convoluted shape with 3 or 4' end curves to me thats a stunning achievement.... Not easy for them though despite their bravado and confidence - they also reckon in the day it took getting to that reliability stage they re-railed more than 800 of the 700 wagons so to speak :) :) :)

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